SitzBath Solution, FDA Registered Sitz Bath Kit Manufacturer and Supplier

Product benefits

All in one

All of our SitzBath kits provide compact solutions for all your sitz bath needs.

Each kit Includes 8 disposable sitz baths & 8 packets of sitz bath salt, infused with natural essential oils.

Easy to use

Just unfold it, set it on the commode, stick the adhesive strips to the commode, put in included sitz bath formula and then pour lukewarm water.

It is now ready to use.

Wider mouth, better soak

Vagi-Sitz Bath provides a better vaginal soak than other sitz baths available in the market.

It is 1.5” to 3.0” wider than most other sitz baths.

Drug free, all natural

Selected natural healing essential oils are soaked in therapeutic grade Epsom and Himalayan pink salt in an effort to make things simpler and bring you health and healing.

Disposable & hygienic

  • Single use/disposable.
  • Made from 100% recyclable material.
  • Unlike other conventional sitzbath, THERE IS NO NEED TO CLEAN AFTER EACH USE.

Clutter free

Our Sitz Bath kits fit in any small drawer or medicine cabinet.
They are easy to organize or carry when travelling.